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In Memoriam: Recent Losses to the CASBS Family, fall 2016

Nov 15 2016

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We are sad to report the passing of several former CASBS fellows. Click on the various links to learn about their lives and intellectual legacies. Aware of other recent losses in the CASBS family? Please let us know by sending an email to

Would you like to share your own personal remembrance of any of the former fellows listed below? Send your thoughts via email to and we’ll publish them on this page.

Theodore Anderson (fellow 1957-58, 1972-73, math and statistics). Obituary: New York Times, Stanford Univ. Other: Wikipedia.
Tyler Collection: An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis (1958, 2003)

Irving Gottesman (1987-88, genetics and genomics). Obituary: New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian. Tribute: The Lancet, Univ. of Minnesota. Other: Wikipedia.
Tyler Collection: Schizophrenia Genesis: The Origins of Madness (1991)

Howard Raiffa (1955-56, math and statistics). Obituary: New York Times, Washington Post, Harvard Business School. Tribute: IIASA. Other: Wikipedia.
Tyler Collection: Games and Decisions: Introduction and Critical Survey (1957)

William Rohwer (1979-80, psychology). Obituary: San Francisco Chronicle. Tribute: American Psychological Association.
Tyler Collection: Educational Psychology: Teaching for Student Diversity (1980)

David Tyack (1975-76, education). Obituary: Stanford Univ., The Stanford Daily, Palo Alto Patch. Tribute: Education Week. Other: Wikipedia.
Tyler Collection: Managers of Virtue: Public School Leadership in America, 1820-1980 (1982)