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A Moral Political Economy: Present, Past, And Future

Book Advances Framework for Designing New Moral Political Economy
book available now

CASBS is proud to announce the publication of A Moral Political Economy: Present, Past, and Future, the latest release connected to the Center’s ongoing “Creating a New Moral Political Economy” program.

The authors are Federica Carugati, a former CASBS program director, and CASBS director Margaret Levi, the program’s leader.

The CASBS program launched in 2018 from growing recognition that the prevailing political economic system and its supporting institutions in capitalist democracies are fraying and require a fundamental rethinking. The new book benefits from this fertile three-year incubation, including the generative efforts of the program’s working groups and its wider network of collaborators.

In the book, Carugati and Levi argue that economies - and the government institutions that support them - reflect a moral and political choice, a choice we can make and remake. The challenges of today reveal the need to redesign our social, economic, and governing institutions based on assumptions about humans as social beings rather than narrow self-serving individualists. In just 63 pages of text, A Moral Political Economy advances a theory of change and principles of institutional (re)design to begin building a new moral political economy.

A Moral Political Economy is published by Cambridge University Press as part of its Elements in Political Economy series. 

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