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Published Work in the CASBS Partnership with La Vie des Idées

The partnership, launched and announced in spring 2022, features three types of publications. One is reviews of recent books initiated, drafted, completed, or otherwise worked on by CASBS fellows while they were in residence at the Center. Such books are entered into the CASBS’s renowned Ralph W. Tyler Collection. A second type is essays or “intellectual portraits” of influential scholars who have been CASBS fellows throughout the Center’s history. The third type is interviews (often in video format) with members of the current CASBS class (fellows and other affiliates) in a given fellowship year. Interviewees are experts through which critical topics, ideas, and debates may be explored.

All partnership content is published in both English and French.

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  • The partnership’s inaugural content featured written Q&A’s with five CASBS affiliates: 2021-22 fellow Megan Finn, 2020-21 fellow and 2021-22 research affiliate James Guszcza, board member and senior research scholar Roberta Katz, 2013-14 fellow Nilan Ram, and 2020-21 fellow and 2021-22 research affiliate Allison Stanger. The respondents address the same series of questions revolving around the theme of “Should we be afraid of the digital revolution? Social change, tech-optimism and digital dystopias.” Go to the interviews.
  • “American democracy and the challenge of identity pluralism.” Video interview with 2021-22 CASBS fellow Hakeem Jefferson.
  • “From slavery to police torture.” Video interview with 2021-22 CASBS fellow Laurence Ralph.
  • “Democracies in an age of uncertainty: A long-term perspective.” Video interview with 2021-22 CASBS fellows Helen Milner and Daniel Treisman.
  • “Implicit gender bias.” Video interview with 2022-23 CASBS fellow Toni Schmader.
  • "The Ghosts of Colonization." Video interview with 2022-23 CASBS fellow Simukai Chigudu.
  • "Black Institutions in the United States." Video interview with 2022-23 CASBS fellow Maisha Winn.

Reviews of Books Entered into the Ralph W. Tyler Collection

  • “The Western conquest of the silk routes” – a review of the book Going the Distance: Eurasian Trade and the Rise of the Business Corporation, 1400-1700 (2019), by 2017-18 CASBS fellow Ron Harris.
  • “The ecclesiastic roots of the modern state” – a review of the book Sacred Foundations: The Religious and Medieval Roots of the European State (2023), by 2021-22 CASBS fellow Anna Grzymala-Busse.
  • “On the road to prison” – a review of the book Cars and Jails: Freedom Dreams, Debt and Carcerality (2022), coauthored by 2021-22 CASBS fellow Julie Livingston.
  • "Minority politics" – a review of the book Sphères d’injustice: Pour un universalisme minoritaire, by 2019-20 CASBS fellow Bruno Perreau.

Intellectual Portraits of Eminent Fellows from CASBS History

  • “Richard Rorty the Multi-pragmatist” – Essay on 1982-83 fellow Richard Rorty.
  • “Jane Mansbridge: Political science between facts and norms” – Essay on two-time fellow (1997-98, 2001-02) Jane Mansbridge.

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