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Stanford Cyber Initiative to Sponsor One 2016–17 CASBS Fellowship

Oct 9 2015

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New in 2016-17, the Stanford Cyber Initiative is supporting one fellow at CASBS who will be engaged in producing policy-relevant research on the integration of cyber technologies into our ways of life and informing debates about urgent cyber issues. Stanford has organized its initiative around the study of “cyber-social systems” in which cyber technologies interact with existing social systems.  Social systems comprise the various organizations of human activity, including different markets, political arenas, and other communities.  Cyber technologies encompass networked digital technologies—notably, the Internet—and extend, for instance, to infrastructure control systems and wireless biomedical devices.  Thus, cyber-social systems, both large and small, use embedded digital structures and devices to affect human endeavors. The Stanford Cyber Initiative has initially focused on systems of labor, commerce, education, health and medicine, and democracy and politics. We are particularly interested in funding research within these cyber-social systems.

We are seeking applicants with previous research examining the impacts of cyber technology on a social system, or scholars with a computer science or cyber policy background who are interested in expanding the scope of their work in this manner. You can apply to become a Cyber Initiative fellow by indicating your interest on the CASBS application.

For more information on the Cyber Initiative and its fellows, please visit the Stanford Cyber Initiative web site.