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Walter W. Powell

Walter W. Powell

Stanford University
Faculty Fellow, 2021-22
Faculty Fellow, 2020-21
Faculty Fellow, 2019-20
Faculty Fellow, 2018-19 Study #2
Faculty Fellow, 2017-18
Research Affiliate, 2016-17
Fellow, 2008-09 Study #12
Fellow, 1986-87 Study #40

Woody Powell is Jacks Family Professor of Education, and Professor of Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science and Engineering, and Communication at Stanford University. He was a founding co-director of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society in 2006. He was the 2018-19 recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching in the School of Humanities and Sciences. His most recent books include The Emergence of Organizations and Markets, with John F. Padgett (Princeton University Press, 2012) and The Nonprofit Sector, co-edited with Patricia Bromley (Stanford University Press, 2020). His research interests focus on the processes through which ideas and practices are transferred across organizations, and the role of networks in facilitating or hindering innovation. 

Powell has been a faculty fellow since 2017-18, and was a fellow at CASBS in 1986-87 and 2008-09. He directs, with Bob Gibbons, the CASBS summer institute on organizations and their effectiveness, which has run annually since 2016.

Tyler Books

The emergence of organizations and markets Padgett, John F. ed. Powell, Walter W. ed.. 2012. The emergence of organizations and markets. Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press.
The Nonprofit sector :a research handbook Powell, Walter W.. 1987. The Nonprofit sector :a research handbook. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Tyler Journal Articles

Powell, Walter W. 1987. "Hybrid Organizational Arrangements: New Form or Transitional Development?." California Management Review 30(1): 67-87.
Powell, Walter W. 1987. "Explaining Technological Change." American Journal of Sociology 93(1): 185-197.