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Podcast 2022

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Human Centered features conversations about projects and research undertaken by CASBS fellows and affiliates whose work engages central themes of concern to the Center. The podcast also features audio versions of events from CASBS's online webcast series, Social Science for a World in Crisis, as well as interviews with renowned fellows from CASBS history.

CASBS brings together deep thinkers to address wicked problems and significant societal challenges. It empowers them to challenge boundaries and assumptions in order to advance our understanding of the full range of human beliefs, behaviors, interactions, and institutions. As a leading incubator of human-centered knowledge, CASBS is a place that is, well…human centered.

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Producer: Mike Gaetani
Co-producer, audio engineer, and editor: Joe Monzel 


Episode 56

Toward Better Evidence-Based Policymaking

December 2, 2022 

How can scholarly researchers and government policymakers advance their collaborative relationships in service of generating evidence-informed outcomes that yield more prosperous, equitable, and inclusive communities? Panelists Jake Bowers (CASBS fellow, 2018-19), Carrie Cihak (2017-18), Dan Hopkins, and Piyush Tantia (2021-22) join IDinsight CEO & 2019-20 CASBS fellow Ruth Levine in this enriching conversation. From a CASBS webcast episode produced in association with the Center's Causal Inference for Social Impact Lab project.

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Episode 55

Creating a New Political Economy Framework

September 1, 2022 

Debra Satz, a 2017-18 CASBS fellow and dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford, moderates a discussion on the prospects for economic theory to contribute to a more equitable, dignified & ethical political economy. The distinguished panel consists of Elizabeth Anderson, Samuel Bowles, Nobel laureate Sir Angus Deaton, and Amy Kapczynski.

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Episode 54

Movements & Contentious Politics - Sid Tarrow

July 26, 2022 

Legendary political scientist & two-time CASBS fellow Sidney Tarrow discusses his new book as well as his decades-long exploration of protests, social movements, and contentious politics with 2021-22 CASBS fellow Edward Walker.

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Episode 53

Better AI Through Social Science

July 5, 2022 

NBC News correspondent and 2018-19 CASBS fellow Jacob Ward leads a discussion with Kristian Hammond, CASBS faculty fellow Daniel Ho, and Jennifer Logg on the role social sciences must play in developing safer, more effective, and ethical artificial intelligence technologies.

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Episode 52

Don Norman: By Design

June 6, 2022 

Don Norman, cognitive scientist, design legend, and 1973-74 CASBS fellow chats with 2021-22 fellow Piyush Tantia. They discus the evolution of behavioral science in contemporary design practice. From an early run-in with B.F. Skinner, to the study of neural networks and cognitive processes, his time at Apple, CASBS, and more.

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Episode 51

Understanding Gen Z

April 7, 2022 

Authors Roberta Katz, Sarah Ogilvie, Jane Shaw, & Linda Woodhead chat with Kat Tenbarge about their new book "Gen Z Explained" -- the product of a CASBS project -- which explores the values, perceptions, motivations, and habits of the generation that has never known a world without the internet.

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Episode 50

Psychology of Political Beliefs

February 28, 2022 

Psychology scholar & 2020-21 CASBS fellow Vivian Zayas interviews David O. Sears, a two-time CASBS fellow (1988-89, 1992-93) and distinguished professor of psychology and political science at UCLA. The two discuss political attitudes and biases in the context of immigrant and minority communities, rural America, and social media.

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Human Centered
Producer: Mike Gaetani
Co-producer, audio engineer, and editor: Joe Monzel

CASBS thanks 2017-18 fellow and renowned journalist John Markoff, co-founder of Human Centered and its inaugural host (episodes 1-25, 29, 32). John occasionally returns as a guest host.