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CASBS Conversations: A New Moral Political Economy

John Markoff interviews Margaret Levi

This is the first in a series of short audio conversations about special projects and work being undertaken by scholars at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS). The conversations are moderated by John Markoff, a former New York Times reporter, who was a Center fellow in 2017–2018 and now is a CASBS research affiliate. The series starts with a conversation between John and Margaret Levi, the Center’s director. She has organized a project, Creating the Moral Political Economy for the Future, that explores frameworks that could serve as alternatives to both Keynesianism and Neoliberalism. The project has initial support from the Hewlett Foundation and the Berggruen Institute with additional support from Bloomberg Beta.

Click below to listen:

In this TEDx Talk from 2018, Margaret Levi begins to make the case for innovative thinking and tough decisions that will move us toward a new moral political economy.

Today’s challenges increasingly require diverse perspectives and tools. CASBS convenes multi-year collaborative projects to enhance prospects for major breakthroughs. Dynamic teams are both interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral, attracting world-class academics, industry leaders, and policy makers and analysts from the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Learn more here about CASBS projects and the cross-cutting themes they engage.

Graphic of cash spiraling downward into the abyss