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Race and the Movement for Justice in America

CASBS Webcast Series

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Live online webcast

This is Episode 4 in the CASBS webcast series Social Science for a World in Crisis. Watch videos of previous episodes and learn more about them here.

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Racial injustice courses deeply through American history. In 2020, demands for rights and racial equality are at the center of renewed calls for decisive policy action in response to law enforcement brutality and systemic racism. The size, composition, and sustained nature of nationwide protests suggest it’s different this time. Is it? What kind of moment is this?

The social movements of today build on a long legacy of movements dating to the country’s formation, Reconstruction, and 20th century civil rights era. How does the current movement compare with those preceding it, and how useful are the comparisons? How have struggles extending from abolition to Black Lives Matter intersected with institutional and electoral politics, the evolving roles of women and youth generations, other contemporaneous social movements, and the prevailing culture? What conditions and alignments will help shift momentum from the status quo to the pursuit of a more equitable, inclusive, and moral political economy?

Join Clayborne Carson, Douglas McAdam, and Brenda Stevenson in conversation with Xavier de Souza Briggs as they explore how insights from America’s distant and near past can inform the possibilities for durable, transformational change in our time.

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Produced by CASBS in partnership with the National Humanities Center and the Center for Comparative Studies of Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University