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David F. Aberle

David F. Aberle

Fellow, 1955-56 Study #25

Tyler Books

Aberle, David Friend. Stewart, Omer C.. 1957. Navaho and Ute peyotism: a chronological and distributional study. Boulder CO: University of Colorado Press.
The peyote religion among the Navaho Aberle, David F.. 1966. The peyote religion among the Navaho. Chicago: Aldine Pub. Co..

Tyler Journal Articles

Aberle, David F., Bronfenbrenner, Urie., Hess, Eckhard H., Miller, Daniel R., Schneider, David M., Spuhler, James N. 1963. "The Incest Taboo and the Mating Patterns of Animals." American Anthropologist 65(2): 253-265.