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Yotam Margalit

Yotam Margalit

Political Science
Tel Aviv University
Fellow, 2020-21 Study #44

During his time at CASBS, Yotam Margalit plans to work on a project examining the political consequences of economic shocks. In some cases, voters that experience hard economic times respond by moving leftward; in other case they shift their support to populist or far-right parties, while others shun the electoral process altogether. This project develops a broad account to explain such divergent electoral responses. The project will offer a comprehensive empirical examination using historical evidence from past crises, extensive panel data from several countries, and a set of experiments developed for this project.

Margalit specializes in the fields of international and comparative political economy. He is a professor in the political science department at Tel Aviv University and before that was a faculty member at Columbia University.  Recent research projects include a study of how the political debate over immigration evolved in the past half century, and an investigation into the politics of austerity. Margalit also heads the program on labor market reforms at IDI, a think-tank, where he conducts applied policy research on issues related to flexible employment arrangements, dualization and worker retraining programs. He earned his undergraduate degree in economics and history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received his PhD (2009) from Stanford University.

You can find more information about his research on his website: